The things that they told you would come with such ease, when you stop and look back now.

Were the things that brought you screaming to your knees, looking at others and wondering how?

Your body is wrecked.

Your emotions are shattered and the voice in your head’s screaming out, ‘these are the things that you wanted, it’s too late to be filled with this doubt.’

The things that made you question yourself. In the dark, breaking down, crying too. As you’re losing then finding your mind, moving forward but trying to stay you.

‘You’re ungrateful, you’re incapable, you’re fussing too much, think of all the others without. Your tears they’re not real, just cope, suck it up, stop your moaning, for fucks sake, sort it out.’

Pretending and smiling and carrying on, day after day after day, sitting for hours silently in the dark.

I promise you, it will be ok!

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