The Two AM Lull

Tick tick tock, the two am clock. Scrolling and reading, you know you should stop. The swiping and tapping, and drawing, easing into something still there. A moment alone, a minute to spare. Your eyes, heavy with sleep. But this moment of calm you need to hold on to. You need to keep.

The writing and painting, creating and building, making something silently in a peace you once knew. A small little window, a time to reflect, at the tick, tick, tock of the two am clock. Spending time just remembering you.

The thoughts of the morning with cries and laughter, five am wake ups and no sleep there after. The hustle, the bustle, the ‘where are your shoes? Kerfuffle.’ The chaos, the wild, the exhausting, powerful love for your child. The teatime zoo with flying food, and water fights. Snuggles into pyjamas, at least fifteen stories, followed by Kisses goodnight.

As you sit. Exhausted. Longing for food and for sleep, the tick tick tock of the two am clock. Grabbing a silent hour, so precious to keep. With eyes so tired but heart so full, as you rebuild yourself in the two am lull.


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