I will help you when you can’t sleep at night. I will hold you whilst you cry. I will carry you every where that I go, in my heart, arms, soul and mind.

I will wipe the tears out from your eyes. I will protect you with all that I am. I will do my best to make you smile, as much as I possibly can.

I will teach you everything I know. I hope that it is enough. I’ll listen, I’ll watch, I’ll hold your hand, because sometimes life can be tough.

I will take you on a journey. I will show you all you can be. I will help you when times are tricky, but I know soon you will not need me.

I will watch you walk away from me, to build a life of your own. I will miss our time together but I know you can do it alone.

I cherish every moment, the tough times and the great, because it is you who teaches me who I am, my tiny little mate!

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