You should be sexy, you should be cool, you should be organised. Is this necessary? I’m still at school. You need to be fierce, you need to be strong, you need to be cautious, you need to belong. You need to be gentle, you need to be smart, you need to be quiet, to never fall apart. You need to carry others, when they’re feeling low. It’s your job to lift them up, when they’re struggling to grow.

Your skirt’s too short, your top’s too tight, your tights are too thin, your hair’s not right. Your accent’s too posh, your thighs are too fat, your boobs are too big, your bum is too flat. Your eyebrows; too light, your face is too round, your nose is too big, your voice, it’s too loud. Your legs are too short, your feet are too wide, your stomach’s too soft, have you even tried?

You need to get married, need to have a baby, need to get a mortgage. Are you starting to feel crazy? You need to work harder, you need to look pretty, you need to keep the house tidy. Feeling tired? That’s a pity. You need a career, a life of your own, you need to be funny, all you want is time alone. You need to keep going, it’s important you know. A women’s work’s never done, never let weakness show.

The things that we hear, the things we are told, the words thought to be harmless, can really take hold. It’s that fucking simple, life should be fair, but life as a girl with equality. It is not always there. Let’s stand together with every women we know, we all know what it feels like on those days when your low. Fighting a battle that no one else really sees, fighting a battle whilst screaming out to be me.


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