Between the morning sickness, dizzy spells, migraines and absolute exhaustion this pregnancy has totally wiped me out. All this alongside looking after a toddler and working full time, I am starting to feel somewhat beaten.

We have just reached the 14 week mark and we have been for our first scan, which was amazing. Up until now, despite the horrific pregnancy symptoms I feel like I have not even had a moment to think about being pregnant at all, let alone plan for becoming a family of four. There are at times moments when I forget that I am even pregnant.

Last week I went back to pregnancy yoga, the teacher there promotes and teaches Active Birth, it helped me so much during Cass’s birth and I can not recommend it enough to anyone out there who is expecting. It also meant that I got to spend sometime thinking about our new baby and having a couple of hours to myself. It was bliss. It felt like the first time my mind and body had finally agreed that something new was about to begin. It really put everything, all the sickness, crappy weather and exhaustion into perspective.

Cass is becoming independent fast, he loves to lead the way and be the boss so there is not as much opportunity for wrapping as there used to be. Cass is big on exploring, but we have our moments and those snuggles are so special.

My baby boy is growing up. I do not wish for him to stay a baby and I am not sad to see him becoming more independent, I honestly thought I would be. I love to look at photos of when he was a tiny squish and my heart melts when I fold away his tiny little clothes that no longer fit him, but every day he does something new, it amazes me and makes me realise how lucky we are. It is fascinating to see him change and grow so much, he teaches me more about myself than anyone I know, every single day.

We are looking forward to what the future holds and I am feeling excited about our growing little family, even though I am absolutely knackered!

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