When is the right time to announce a pregnancy?

When I was pregnant with Cass I was really nervous, after struggling with miscarriage we made the decision to tell people when we saw them, face to face. We did not put a date on it, we just thought it would be nice to share with people as we went along, after a few weeks it is pretty obvious what is going on anyway.

We announced that we were having a baby on social media when I was 8 months pregnant and people thought it was a joke, they could not believe we had waited so long to announce it. I think it was more down to the fact that 18 months ago I never really went on social media, but night feeds changed that.

There is definitely is no ‘right’ time to announce such a personal and amazing piece of news. It is so special to be able to have a couple of hours, days, weeks, months with the smallest amount of people knowing, but it is so amazing to be able to shout it from the roof tops too.

Baby #2 arriving July 2018

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