Baby’s First Holiday 

I was going to write a really helpful post about taking your baby on a plane and it was going to be full of top tips on what to do and how to keep them entertained.

However, I do not feel that my most recent experience has given me the authority to offer any such advice so here is

‘Baby on a Plane – Winging it’ (see what I did)

✈️Number 1.<<<
ry and keep your little one awake on your journey through the airport so that they are tired and will sleep during the flight.

Reality- Ha! After a 4am wake up call he was some what wired by the time we boarded the plane. I can only compare the first 30 minutes to what it must be like to wrestle with a pissed off seal.

✈️Number 2

Create your baby, 'activity sacks' for the plane journey. Keep them engaged by showing them something new every 30 mins.ality – Empty the contents of your handbag on to your sleeping husband's knee and let the fun commence.

Contents of Handbag…

Two tampons

One broken selfie stick

A small toothbrush

Car keys

A spoon

One cheese poof

✈️Number 3

Fill your iPhone with your little one's top YouTube videos and cartoons<br


Totally forget to do this. So, pay £5 for some crappy aeroplane head phones. Prevent them from smashing the shit out of the small screen in the back of the chair in front, with the aforementioned broken selfie stick.

✈️Number 4

Pack lots of interesting and well thought out snacks for them to enjoy when they become hungry and restless.


Buy fruit pouches from the 24hour garage on the way to the airport at 5am.

✈️Number 5

Make small bags of useful and jovial gifts for your surrounding fellow passengers to ease their pain should your little one become upset. The fact that this is so adorable should win them over regardless.


Pray to God that you are surrounded by absolute nutters who will be making so much noise, that they do not even notice the barbaric screams coming from your teething, wired, wildling spawn.

✈️Number 6

Go on holiday with Granny and Grandpa


Thanks Mum and Dad ❤️

ou Summer adventures everyone! ☀️

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