Hubertine Joséphine B. En Jean

A very good friend of mine sent me to The Wrap Show with some words of advice, pick up a Hubertine. I had heard of the brand before but I had never tried any Hubertine wraps, so I was unsure. Stupidly I didn’t follow the advice of my good friend and came away Hubertine-less.

Luckily a wonderful lady contacted me online to let me know that she had managed to get herself Josèphine B. En Jean and would I like to borrow it for a few weeks. Obviously I couldn’t say no.

Hubertine is a French company, it was originally established by two mothers with a love and passion for babywearing and textiles. Atelier 
Hubertine wraps are created by French craftspeople at every step of production. The wraps are woven in a family run workshop using traditional jacquard weaving techniques. Hubertine maintains the highest standards, demanding the best and most beautiful products. 

Joséphine B. en Jean does not disappoint, it is the most beautiful wrap that I have ever used. The blend 84% cotton and 16% merino is perfect, the wrap weighs 300gsm, feels thin in hand but is supportive and has a strength like nothing I’ve seen before. 

The colours shine and glow, and the intricate and detailed trade mark design looks exquisite in this colour way. The wrap glides into place and holds like a bandage. The blend combined with the relief from the design, ensures that the wrap stays in place. 

The weather has been so beautiful but very hot over the past week. I found En Jean cool and breathable, which for me is an important factor when considering which wraps I will use over the Summer. Cass gets hot very quickly and easily becomes agitated and upset when even slightly warm. He remained cool on my back in a double Hammock, and dozed off immediately. 

I am so glad that I got to try Hubertine, especially En Jean. If I get chance, one of these fantastic wraps will definitely be coming to live with us. I have been blown away by the quality and beauty of Hubertine, I understand why this beautiful French company is so popular. Thank you Hubertine, we love you! 

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