Hygge Linen

This wrap has had me curious for quite sometime and I honestly thought that it would pass me by. However, this weekend was full of wonderful surprises and a little patience was rewarded. Hygge Mono Linen is an 82% cotton, 18% Linen, double weave and weighs 242 g/sm. 
Initially I thought that Linen was visually identical to Cotton Mono but I was wrong. Linen is raw. The white side has an air of imperfection, with black flecks glinting through the white weave, creating perfect grey tones and giving the wrap a scrunched linen look. In direct contrast the black side is neat and tight, with the trade mark Hygge design looking much bolder and punchy than Mono cotton. The mono tones in Linen feel cool and icey, where as Cotton seemed to have a warmer look and feel to it. Linen feels like a true mono, I find it much easier to wear but this may be down to my skin tone.

As usual we were running late to meet some friends at the park and the first time I wrapped with Linen it was a rushed job. It didn’t matter, Linen wraps with ease, the passes glided into place and it held tight. For a wrap that feels so thin in hand and a less than perfect Double Hammock, Cass was weightless. This grippy wrap held with no digging at all and what amazed me the most was how cool and breathable it is. Even in the heat, Cass napped on my back for over two hours. 

Another absolute triumph for Ali Dover, this beautiful wrap does not disappoint. I wonder what the future will bring for lovers of this fantastic designer. 

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