Real Nappy Week

It’s Real Nappy Week and we are loving our cloth bums!

Initially the thought of using cloth nappies filled me with genuine horror. Giving birth and breast feeding just seemed like enough for me and why on earth would I want to add more washing to my already mountainous pile of tiny dirty clothes?

After the dust had settled I became very aware of the huge amount of waste this tiny little person was creating. At his peak Cass was getting through 15 nappies a day as well as all the baby wipes. It just felt wrong filling the bin every day with items that are designed to never decompose. On top of all the guilt, the council then decided to collect the bins every three weeks. I did not want to to experience a three week old nappy at the height of Summer.

So we decided to make the switch to cloth nappies. There are lots of styles and brands out there and what works for one family might not necessarily work for another. I was initially very confused and intimidated by the whole idea, I didn’t want to throw money away buying the wrong product. After asking a few questions at our baby group, I found lots of parents who were willing to offer advice and lend us a few nappies to see what we thought before taking the plunge. There are also lots of groups on social media that can help you and answer any questions that you may have. 

We chose to order Tots-bots nappies through Babi-Pur. Babi-Pur do a starter pack which included 3 different styles of nappy so we could see what worked best for us. Their service is quick and they send a discount code with every order.

When I found Tots-Bots I loved them because of the Velcro fastening at the front, I found the poppers on other brands fiddly and hard work. The Velcro made the nappies quick and could be adjusted with ease. 

We tried three different nappy styles from Tots-bots, Peenut, Bamboozle and Easy-Fit. The Peenuts are my favourite, they consist of two pads and a wrap. The wrap is water proof and the pads just pop inside, the whole thing comes apart and dries very quickly. I also put in a fleece  reusable liner to protect and draw away moisture from the skin. We did try disposable liners but they just stuck to Cass’s bum and stressed me out.

The Easy-Fit are just one whole piece that folds up. You can put in inserts to add extra absorbency, they are fantastic as they never leak but I find that they do take some time to dry so we only have a couple.

We use Bamboozles at night time, they are a complete towel nappy with inserts for extra absorbency, to ensure that they dont leak a water proof wrap goes over the top. 

I can honestly say that the switch was a lot easier than I expected. The nappies are washed on a 40° cycle with antibacterial washing detergent and are line dried. Although the initial spend was around £14 per nappy, we were spending an absolute fortune on disposables every week. The reusable nappies never leak and they keep Cass’s bum nice and dry. We invested in a pack of reusable fleece liners, which not only protect the nappy, but also draw moisture away from the skin. 

When we are out and about I just fold the reusable nappy up and store in a water proof wet bag. I sort it out with the others when I get home. 

I’m amazed at how fantastic cloth nappies are and I feel so much better about reducing the amount of waste we produce as a family. There is a lot of support out there to get you started through Cloth Nappy Libraries or local baby groups. Some local councils even offer incentives for switching to reusable nappies to reduce waste. 

What we use

▪️7 cloth nappies, (Tots-Bots easy fit and Peenuts)
▪️Tots-Bots reusable fleece nappy liners
▪️A wet bag for travelling

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