Ali Dover

When I first carried Cass I wore a Close Caboo stretchy wrap, I hired it from my local Sling Library in Salford. We quickly moved onto woven wraps. Lucy, a volunteer at the library first introduced me to the beautiful striped wraps created by Ali Dover.

Ali Dover is famous for her beautiful textiles and breath taking photography. A mother of three, Ali fell in love with woven wraps after the birth of her daughter, also Lucy. Her eye for style comes across in her art, and her calm persona resonates through her photography and her textiles.

Ali’s wraps are some of the most sought after on the market, this is not just down to the fabric itself but also the personal way in which Ali runs her business. If you have ever been lucky enough to buy a wrap direct from Ali herself you will see the care and attention that goes into every delivery. From the handwritten labels and tags, to the perfectly pressed and folded pieces of fabric, all hand tied with brown string.

These woven wraps are not mass produced, each one is individually numbered, with handwritten labels sewn onto the fabric itself. This is a labour of love, which makes owning one of these beautiful wraps so worthwhile.

The trademark striped wraps of Ali Dover were what initially caught my eye. I adore stripes for many reasons, mainly because of the simplicity of the design but also due to the fact that they are fantastic for teaching and learning, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The first Ali Dover I ever got my hands on was Soul. Soul is perfect, the blues, greens and greys remind me of Summer in the park with Elvis, my dog. The colours are so crisp and vibrant. Soul is 100% Italian combed cotton, light weight (232g/sqm) and thin in hand but sturdy when on. The weave is tight and strong, it is not prone to pulling and does not sag.

All of the ‘Stripes’ are 100% Italian combed cotton apart from Heathers and Elements, which are woven using English cotton. I think that this difference makes Heathers and Elements feel heavier in hand (236g/sqm) and makes the wraps seem more robust and in need of breaking in. Both colour ways are perfect and drawn directly from nature. You don’t see them around as much anymore as people tend to hold on to a rare find.

 There has been a steady release of ‘Stripes’ designed by Ali. Each colourway holding something special, and selling out in record time. The wraps are comfortable and supportive and are suitable from birth. The 100% cotton blend makes the ‘Stripes’ easy to care for especially with tiny babies and sticky toddlers.

We have been extremely lucky and have had many come and spend time here with Cass and myself. Not only has Ali created exquisite and beautiful woven wraps but she has also created a wonderful community of families that share a common interest in her designs and baby wearing. Families will pass on their wraps through buying and selling or simply loaning them out to others for short amounts of time. Some of these beautiful wraps are so sought after, that there are just not enough to go around and they sell from the website seconds after release. I have met some wonderful people through this community of baby wearers.

The design and production of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hooga) and all it’s magnificent colourways sent the baby wearing world crazy. Hygge is a Danish word which has no direct translation into English, but has a meaning of general happiness and well being, almost like ‘cosy.’ Ali likens her baby wearing experiences directly to Hygge and the emotions that it creates and draws out. Hygge is a 100% cotton, double weave, weighing 253g/sqm. It is light but blanket like and soft. Hygge is coolto wear but is strong and carries well, once the wrap has been worn a few times after it’s first wash it is grippy and holds tight. Pop was the first Hygge and also my favourite, it reminds me of soft jeans, a washed out Denim blue with vibrant bursts of pinky red. It’s just perfect.

The future for Ali Dover fans is looking pretty exciting as we wait on the release of a brand new Hygge, Dove and two new Stripes. However, I think the most excitement lies in the release of more Hygge Linen and the reweave of both Studio and Gift.

For myself and Cass, Ali Dover has been with us since the beginning. We have loved so many of these beautiful wraps and passed them on to other families to love too. I do not think that we will ever be without one in our home, even when our carrying days are long gone.

Thank you Ali ‚̧

Lucy Graney

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