Time to buck my ideas up -Beco Gemini Twilight

My education into the world of buckles continued this week with the arrival of the Beco Gemini, Twilight. This is a popular buckled carrier that is designed to fit newborn to toddler (7lb-35lb) It can be worn in 4 different positions, front inward facing, back, hip and front forward facing. 

The carrier is neat and compact and very easy to get on and off independently. It folds up very small and can be easily transported. I love how the Gemini has an adjustable seat so that you can make it larger as your baby grows and the adjustable head rest is fantastic, especially when supporting younger babies or if baby falls asleep. I found the straps ergonomic and very easy to tighten, they sit comfortably on your shoulders with no digging.

I have to be honest though, this carrier did not blow me away. I collected a few opinions from other baby-wearers and the views were mixed. Which goes to show that different things work for different families. 
The Gemini claims to be suitable for babies up to 35lb, my little boy is 24lb and I really struggled with him in this carrier. He seemed almost squashed, he was not happy and a trip around the local shopping centre made me want to get back to the car as soon as possible. The seat is quite narrow despite being adjustable and he just didn’t seem comfortable. The biggest problem that we had was that the carrier was extremely warm. The body is made from a thick, structured foam, which is supportive but also warm. Cass became so angry and flustered even with only a long sleeved vest on. I found myself running for the exit just so we could cool off.

It’s a shame that I didn’t discover this carrier when Cass was a newborn. I think that it would have been perfect, especially because it is so easy to use and so compact. It’s just not for us now he is older and heavier, the carrier does not seem to withstand the weight and build of an older baby. If I was buying this carrier with my toddler in mind I would be disappointed, but for a newborn it is ideal. 

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