Sling when you’re winning 

On Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to some of the week long birthday celebrations for Swing-Sling Manchester. I’d been asked to take some photos and really find out what Sling-Swing is all about.

Now, as a new mum who used to be a bit of a keep fit addict, I have found it incredibly hard trying to find time for myself for exercise. For me exercise isn’t just about losing a bit of weight and trying to squeeze back into my skinny jeans, it’s a lot more. Exercise keeps me in check, it allows me some precious me time, a way to unwind and release stress. It looks after my mental health and keeps me happy. However, having a new baby means having time to get to the gym or go for a run is not always a priority. 

Swing-Sling Manchester is part of a franchise with 25 franchisees across the UK, the wonderful Nikki owns and runs Swing-Sling Manchester. Not many fitness instructors will allow you to take part in their exercise classes with your new born in tow, but Swing-Sling is not just any exercise class and Nikki is not just any fitness instructor. 

Sling-Swing is a fun and exciting parent and baby dance class. All members of the family are encouraged to take part by wearing their baby in a soft carrier or woven wrap and join in with the fantastic dance routines. Nikki’s enthusiasm and love of dance and baby wearing make Sling-Sling so fabulous. The routines are fun, gentle and suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels. With a playlist boasting tunes from Beyoncé and JP Cooper, you will struggle to not enjoy Swing Sling. 

As I snapped photos and joined in haphazardly with the routines I noticed two things, the whole room was full of happy smiling parents (and one grandma) and every baby was calm or fast asleep. What more can you want? There was definitely a party atmosphere and everyone was laughing and smiling. Nikki’s infectious enthusiasm makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. Everyone is encouraged to stay after class to chat, change and feed their babies, it was great.

What Nikki has built here is amazing, I would recommend Swing-Sling to everyone. Check out their Facebook group for details of classes in your area. 

Don’t have a carrier? Don’t worry, there is the option to borrow carriers in class. Sling-Swing promotes safe baby wearing and someone will assist you with your carrier.

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