Girasol Reflection Review

Here at Little Lifts we absolutely love a stripe. The very first time I wrapped Cass I used a striped woven wrap. The beauty of striped wraps is the way in which they help you to wrap and tighten your carry. The stripes help you identify the different parts of the Wrap that you are working with. 

Not only do we love stripes, we also love cotton. For me cotton wraps, in all their forms, just provide me with peace of mind. Small babies are messy little creatures and with a cotton wrap I know that it can easily be washed. Cotton is versatile and can be woven to create many different textures and qualities.

Girasol are a company that I admire and have interested me since the very beginning of my baby wearing journey. They are a fair trade company and their wraps are hand woven in Guatemala by master artisans. Girasol preserve the traditional weaving methods of the Maya Indians whilst benefitting the local community. 
Not only is Girasol an ethical, fair trade company, they also produce a fabulous, cotton stripe. Girasol are the creators of some of the best stripes in the Baby Wearing World. 

It has taken me nearly nine months to find the perfect Girasol, many have been borrowed and I even owned one for about 24hours but nothing was quite right. Until now.

Girasol Reflection was designed by Helen at Monkey Mei Tai, it features a beautiful seven colour rainbow, with a purple flash down one rail to make wrapping and tightening easier. 
Reflection is a 100% cotton, twill weave beauty of a wrap. Two variations of the wrap have been woven, a crema (cream) weft and a cuervo (black) weft. The colours of reflection are outstanding, it glows and gave me instant joy. The rainbow is playful and bright, perfect for the Summer but also cheery on a dull day. 

The wrap is very light weight and feels soft and ready to go after just one wash. Initially I was concerned that it would struggle to hold the weight of my chunky boy, but I was instantly proven wrong. Reflection glides easily into place and holds well, I was blown away by the wrapping qualities and the strength of this wrap. So blown away that I thought I’d put it to the test by carrying my 6 and a half year old niece. It held her with ease and supported her without any discomfort to my shoulders or back, this is one tough wrap.
Girasol Reflection is the first woven wrap that has been added to our Little Lifts Library and it is absolutely perfect. The striped design makes Reflection an excellent teaching wrap and is useful when mastering carrying techniques. Thank you to Helen for her beautiful design and thank you to Girasol for your perfect weave.

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