Time to ‘buck’ my ideas up 

There are so many amazing buckle carriers out there and for me it’s a bit of a minefield. I am very much a buckles novice at the moment, this is just down to personal preference and experience. I like woven wraps and they work for me and Cass so why should I bother with buckles? Why, because learning is fun and buckles can be versatile and amazing too! Over the next few weeks follow me as I ‘buck’ my ideas up and review as many buckle carriers as I can get my little hands on. 

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier £129.90
The ergobaby 360 prides itself on it’s ergonomic design, which has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as ‘hip healthy.’ It is designed so that your baby is supported and sat in the optimum position, knees higher than bottom and fully supporting the C shape of the spine with no slumping. This instantly gave me confidence and made me want to try the carrier.

The Ergobaby 360 is a sturdy structured carrier with a padded waistband, it boasts four carrying positions, hip carry, back carry, forward facing front carry and inward facing front carry. The seat can be adjusted using buttons to make it wider and narrower ensuring that it grows with your baby. There is also a new born insert available which can be bought separately. 
If I’m honest I was very unsure to how it would support Cass ergonomically in a forward facing front carry, so that’s what we went for first. I was pleasantly surprised, the carrier supported him well, his legs and bottom were supported in the correct way and it was very comfortable and easy to put on. Cass absolutely loved facing forwards, he was swinging his legs and laughing the whole time. After 10-15 minutes though I switched to a back carry as I could feel him becoming over stimulated and unable to nod off to sleep. 

Getting him on my back was a bit more tricky, the straps are quite short as they are tightened at the side rather than on the shoulder strap itself. I needed the assistance of Cass’s Dad for this, which is fine but not if I was on my own. Once I got him on my back I found the carrier quite comfortable, but again I struggled to tighten up the straps and needed assistance. Cass was happy and safe and the carrier did provide him with good support on his spine and bottom.
I found carrying him in an inward facing front carry position the most comfortable. He just curled up and went to sleep. The carrier provided fantastic support down his spine and around his head and neck as well as in his bottom and hips. Cass was comfortable, I was comfortable and Cass was asleep. Win.

I have enjoyed having the Ergobaby 360 come to visit. It’s been fun trying something totally new and different. This carrier is versatile and once on it is very comfortable. I did find elements of it quite frustrating, the large Velcro waistband was difficult to tighten, as were the shoulder straps but I am sure that these niggles could be perfected with time and practise. The thick waistband and shoulder straps ensured that I could carry my heavy boy for a long time with no discomfort. I would highly recommend this carrier for comfort and versatility. Thanks Ergobaby ❤

Thank you to Salford Sling and Meet for the loan of the Ergobaby 360 http://www.slingandmeet.co.uk/

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